ACTION ALERT: Witness Slips Needed!

We are going to be asking you often to complete a Witness Slip to support or oppose bills in Springfield. Trust us... this is a super easy action and can be impactful! This week we are asking you to file three witness slips. Even if you filled out a witness slip for one of these bills last week, you should do so again.  Bills have two chances to get voted out of committee but they require new witness slips for each hearing, as they don't get carried over.   

Please see below for detailed instructions.

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ACTION ALERT: Two Witness Slips Needed Against Two IL Voucher Bills

We are going to be asking you often to complete a Witness Slip to support or oppose bills in Springfield.

Trust us... this is a super easy action!

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Our letter to Senators Durbin and Duckworth: Vote no on DeVos

On Tuesday, January 31, we and our sister organization, Raise Your Handdelivered hundreds of letters from Illinois parents and community members to the offices of Senators Durbin and Duckworth. Before the delivery, we hosted a press conference and a rally. Our message was clear: Just vote no!


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Tell Senate HELP Committee to #DumpDeVos

President-elect Trump's nominee for Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, is scheduled for a nomination hearing in the US Senate two days from now, January 11th. Call the Senate HELP Committee and tell them to oppose her nomination.

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RYH Action testifies about student data privacy at Commision on Evidence-Based Policy

The federal Commission on Evidence-based Policy held its Midwest Hearing in Chicago on January 5, 2016. Raise Your Hand Action's co-executive director Cassie Creswell testified at the hearing on behalf of Raise Your Hand Action and the national group Parent Coalition for Student Privacy.

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It's a wonderful time of the contact your elected officials

At this darkest time of year with a gloomy political climate to match, your legislators and governor will appreciate hearing from the people closest to their own heart/political fate—their constituents! 

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Action alert: let's get the elected school board bill passed

The next few days are crucial to the effort of getting a fully elected, representative school board for Chicago Public Schools. Can you help us make democratic governance a reality for CPS? 

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Victory: Plans for Obama Prep shelved indefinitely

On Wednesday October 12th, we were thrilled to hear that plans to build a new selective enrollment high school, the project known as Obama Prep, were postponed indefinitely. This frees up $60 million in tax increment financing funds---$30 million of which can go back to CPS as part of a TIF surplus. 

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Announcing Raise Your Hand Action

We are thrilled to announce a new organization, Raise Your Hand Action, and a new way to get involved in public education advocacy.

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