Upcoming Events

  • Wednesday, August 19, 2020 at 06:00 PM through September 27, 2020

    Fair Tax: Learn, Share, Vote

    Our schools need the Fair Tax! Let's help make it happen!

    info session+ phone-banking

    join us online for one or more of these dates:

    Wednesday Aug 19
    Sunday Aug 30
    Wednesday Sept 16
    Sunday Sept 27

    Even before the pandemic, public schools in Illinois needed $6 billion more from the state to be adequately funded! On Nov 3rd, Illinois voters will have the historic chance to decide whether to have a graduated income tax.

    In each of these online sessions, we'll do a quick webinar on the Fair Tax so you can brush up on why its passage is so crucial for our public schools and the public good. Then we'll phone bank to talk to voters about voting YES for the Fair Tax in November.

    Questions? Email us at info@ilfps.org

    More information about the Yes! for Fair Tax coalition here.