Who we are

We are a grassroots, non-profit 501c4 advocacy group that represents the interests of Illinois public school families. We are the voice in Springfield for systemic policy change to defend and improve Illinois public schools. Our efforts are key to giving public ed families a real, regular presence and influence in Springfield.

You can read and download our 1-page explainer here.

Our vision is for every family in Illinois to have a well-resourced local public school—one that’s able to nurture and educate each and every child that comes in the door to take on the complexity of adulthood in a 21st century democratic society.

To make this vision a reality we organize and mobilize parents and other public school supporters across Illinois to advocate for policy change. We reach people in more than 100 Illinois House districts. (Find out how to connect with other families in your area here.)

IL-FPS was founded in 2016 as Raise Your Hand Action. In 2019 we became Illinois Families for Public Schools in order to make our mission and scope clear to parents, policymakers and the public.

Although we are an organization founded and based in Chicago, we believe the challenges of Chicago’s school system are inseparable from the challenges our state public ed system faces. Parents around the state need to make common cause in order to build the power to solve these challenges and defend, protect and improve Illinois' public school system.




[Photo used via Creative Commons]