A solid year of accomplishments...help us do more in 2019!

People who believe in public education as a public good must remain ever ready, present, and active to defend and promote policies that protect classrooms across our city and state. Thank you for being part of building power around a variety of public education issues in 2018.


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Listen to Jim Broadway! Donate today!

"Every person and organization involved in public education in Illinois benefits from RYH, from its unswerving dedication to its mission, from its sophisticated and effective efforts at the state Capitol in Springfield, from the continuous information flow in support of public schools. It's not an old group, but it is an influential one." --Jim Broadway

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Charter commission bill dies an ugly death in the Senate

You all helped make a valiant attempt to move the charter commission bill for a veto override, but unfortunately the fix seemed to be in to keep it from getting through.

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Dispatch from Springfield: Veto session continues...

Dispatch from Springfield or Why A Grassroots Public Ed Advocacy Group Needs to Be in Springfield on the Regular:

First, thank you to everyone who shared our posts today, who signed up to be a recurring donor (woot!), and who on top of that made phone calls to Speaker Madigan and your own state rep about the bill to weaken the state charter commission, HB5175.

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Action Alert: Tell ISBE to respect families’ rights on opt out

ISBE is currently proposing changing rules and setting requirements that go beyond what federal law says Illinois must do with respect to testing and opt out. These changes further entrench the overuse of standardized testing in Illinois.

Please raise your voice and submit a public comment about these changes.  Email your comment to [email protected] by Sunday, December 2nd.

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#GivingTuesday: One week away!

#GivingTuesday is a week from today, and Raise Your Hand Action hopes you will support our work to bring a grassroots pro-public education voice to Springfield!

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☎️ ACTION ALERT from Veto Session in Springfield! ☎️ 2 Calls Needed!

There was an override of the Governor’s veto on HB5175, the charter commission bill, yesterday in the House, and now it’s time to get it through in the Senate!

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RYHA heads back to Springfield for veto session!

Our co-directors, Cassie and Wendy, are in Springfield this week to work on a number of issues! They will be meeting with Representatives Andrade, Martwick, and Williams to work on a data privacy bill. They will also be meeting with legislators to discuss the possibility of an override vote on the class-size goals bill Governor Rauner vetoed.


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RYH Action: Explained!

Who are we? What do we do? What do we believe? What can you do to support us?

We are a 501(c)4 organization. Please donate to support our work here.

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Heading back to Springfield next week; new facilities law for CPS; new state ratings; etc

RYHA has been busy this fall hosting Mayoral candidate meet and greets with We Will, registering people to vote, and connecting parents by legislative district so they can advocate together.  

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