It's Data Privacy Day: Help us stop the College Board from selling our kids' data!

January 28th is Data Privacy Day, an international annual day of awareness to promote protection of our personal data.

Illinois has a state law to protect student data privacy, the Student Online Personal Protection Act---a law that will be even stronger when the amendments we worked to pass last year go into effect.

But, even as it stands now, vendors cannot legally sell, rent or lease student data they collect in Illinois' schools.

But at least one vendor with multi-million dollar contracts with the state is doing just that, the College Board, the maker of the SAT, PSAT and Advanced Placement tests.

The College Board sells student data for $.47/student, including test score range and personal information collected via surveys administered with their tests.

We want this to stop, and we're asking the IL General Assembly to look into why a state vendor is allowed to break the law by holding a subject-matter hearing on it.


Please take a minute today to use this form to write your state rep and state senator to ask them to hold a hearing on the College Board's business practices and contracts.

Thanks so much for taking a concrete action to advocate for protecting sensitive student data on Data Privacy Day!