College Board: Stop selling our kids' data!

The College Board, the maker of SAT, PSAT and Advanced Placement tests, is selling data they collect from students in IL public high schools. These sales violate multiple state laws, and they need to stop.

Last fall we helped parents file complaints with the IL Attorney General's office and coordinated a letter from nine state lawmakers to the AG urging him to investigate. In response, the AG's office confirmed they're looking into the College Board's data sales.

Then in December, Chicago law firm Loevy & Loevy filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of an Illinois family, suing the College Board for these sales. 

Now we're asking the General Assembly to hold a subject-matter hearing on the College Board's business practices and state contracts. It’s simply not acceptable for a vendor with millions of dollars in state contracts and access to our children’s highly-sensitive data to illegally exploit that access. 

What can you do?

Use (and share!) this link to send a note to your state senator & your state rep to ask for a hearing. State legislators should demand answers directly from the College Board about how they use their standardized testing contracts to profit off of Illinois' students' data. And they need to ask the IL State Board of Education why they are allowing these sales to happen under their watch.

You can hear more about what the College Board is doing and the class action lawsuit on this episode of the radio show/podcast of Talk Out of School in an interview with IL Families for Public Schools’ director Cassie Creswell and Loevy and Loevy lawyer Scott Drury.

The national advocacy group Parent Coalition for Student Privacy has resources to assist parents of students taking a College Board (or ACT, Inc.) test in protecting their children's personal data.