Tell your alderman: Reject the MegaTIFS!

Now is the time to tell your alderman to oppose the creation of two new megaTIFs—Cortland Chicago River and Roosevelt/Clark! This isn’t just an issue for Lincoln Park or the South Loop—taxes are raised on all of us from Rogers Park to Roseland to subsidize wealthy developers with dollars from our schools. Use the form below to email, call and tweet your alderman. 

9 Years of Fighting for TIF Reform: Tell your alderman to #RejectTheMegaTIFs

Below is an email we sent with our sister org, Raise Your Hand, on January 30, 2019.

RYH and more recently, our sister-org, RYH Action have been leading the fight for TIF reform in Chicago for 9 years. One of our first campaigns in 2010 was delivering 5,000 letters and emails to Mayor Daley demanding he declare a TIF surplus to help plug the budget hole at CPS. This led to over $90M being returned to the schools.

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Our Presentation from Everything You Need to Know About TIFs

On Tuesday, January 29, 2019, we joined our friends at Chicagoans United for Equity (CUE), Chicago Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights (CLCCR), and Blocks Together for an event, Everything You Need to Know About TIFs.

Below is our presentation (with photos and many links) given by our part time parent organizer, Huu Nguyen. You can find video of the entire event here

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Lincoln Yards Passes through Plan Commission, Aldermen will have final say on MegaTIFs

As we all expected, the Plan Commission rubber-stamped the Lincoln Yards Plan on Thursday. Thanks, to parent Andrea Tolzmann for sitting through the four-hour meeting and testifying for RYHA and to the other parents who attended.  You can read her statement below.

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Letter to ISBE and IL GA on new teacher licensure rules

On Jan 2nd, Raise Your Hand Action sent a letter to Tony Smith, State Superintendent of Schools, and James Meeks, Chair of the Illinois State Board of Education, and to chairs of both the Senate and House education committees regarding ISBE rule changes on teacher licensure. 

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Exciting News for RYH and RYHA!

Over the last nine years Raise Your Hand has grown into a mighty force of empowered parents fighting to protect and strengthen public education!

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#RejectTheMEGATIFs vote at the Joint Review Board

Now is the time to call your alderman and tell them not to sign off on the two mega TIFs—Cortland Chicago River and Roosevelt/Clark. This isn’t just a North Side issue—taxes are raised on all of us from Rogers Park to Roseland pay for this development.

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Raise Your Hand Action and 20 orgs tell CPS and other taxing bodies to Reject the MegaTifs!

On Friday January 11, 2019, CPS and other taxing bodies will sign off on the creation of two new mega-TIF districts at the Joint Review Board Meeting. City agencies such as CPS, the County, Chicago Park District, the Water Reclamation District and City Colleges will agree to the diversion of hundreds of millions of dollars to their orgs for TIF districts that will benefit private developers, at the cost of $2.4B total to taxpayers. This isn’t sound policy and should be vetted before a new city council and new Mayor---and with a more robust public dialogue.

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Need a holiday gift for a teacher?

Searching for a meaningful holiday gift for a special teacher, administrator, or public ed supporter? Give a donation to RYH Action!

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Transparency issues with the College and Career Interest Taskforce

In May 2018, a bill was introduced in the IL Senate that would have had the IL State Board of Education administer a survey of all high school juniors in conjunction with the administration of the state test and share the survey data with all public institutions of higher education in Illinois. After opposition from RYH Action, the bill was amended instead to set up a taskforce to study this type of data sharing (PA 100-1007).

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