Help us get smart public education legislation passed in Springfield!

ACTION ALERT: 2 Witness Slips Needed!

April 3, 2018

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Witness Slip Time!

There’s a hearing in the IL Senate Education Committee tomorrow afternoon (Tues. March 13th) at 1:30pm covering several bills important for public ed advocates like you to weigh in on!

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Selling out student privacy to the College Board: oppose SB3099

SB3099 is a bill written to benefit the College Board and ACT, Inc, allowing them to sell or rent sensitive student data that they access through questionnaires administered along with tests like the SAT. RYH Action urges parents and privacy advocates to submit a witness slip to oppose this bill in hearing tomorrow (3/12/2018)

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Action Alert: Ask your state rep to override veto of HB768: charter commission bill

Governor Rauner vetoed HB768, a bill to weaken the state charter commission, last week. HB768 would stop the IL State Charter Commission from overruling local board decisions on opening and closing charter schools, funded with local tax dollars. The IL House will vote on overriding this veto shortly.

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ACTION ALERT 2.22.18: CPS doesn’t need more charter schools - help stop another one from opening!

Chicago Classical Academy Charter was rejected by CPS in December but is appealing to the unelected IL state charter commission for approval. The "targeted communities" for Chicago Classical are Bridgeport, Bronzeville, Chinatown, McKinley Park, Pilsen, and South Loop.


There was a hearing conducted by the commission on this appeal Tuesday night in Chinatown. We were live tweeting. The thread of tweets starts here.

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Where do candidates for IL Governor stand on public ed?

Be informed on critical education stances when you go to the polls on March 20th!  Read the responses we received to our questionnaire on public ed policy from candidates running in the primary for Governor of Illinois. 

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ACTION ALERT 1.29.18: Fund public schools before diverting $ to vouchers

The IL General Assembly is back in session this week, and there's an important bill on the agenda in the Senate Education Committee this Tuesday, Jan. 30th for supporters of public schools and the common good.

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Funding bill with vouchers passes the IL General Assembly

Our statement on the "compromise" school funding bill which contains vouchers.

August 29, 2017

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☎️ Monday a.m. hit the phones: Vouchers Are a Deal Breaker!

Can you make a phone call before 11am TODAY, Monday, August 28?

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Action Alert: School funding compromise to include vouchers

Raise Your Hand Action is deeply disturbed to learn that school vouchers will likely be part of a bill that’s supposed to address decades old funding inequities in IL schools. We ask that legislators who actually value public education and believe in the separation of church and state vote against any compromise bill that includes school vouchers. School vouchers have no place in a bill that’s supposed to correct funding inequity, as they will further drain dollars from the public good to private interests.

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