Action Alert: Call your state rep about Too Young to Test

Too Young to Test bill passes on the Senate floor! Now it's the House's turn!

Last week the full Senate voted on the Too Young to Test bill, and it passed with broad bipartisan support, 53-2, with only Senators Curran (R-Downers Grove) and Plummer (R-Vandalia) voting no. (Roll call here.)

But this bill is facing more opposition in the House from the IL State Board of Education because they are very eager to expand the state testing system into K-2.

Please take a minute today to call your state rep if you haven't called yet this week. Ask if you can count on them to vote YES on the floor on HB 5285 and ask them to sign on as a sponsor.


You can find the phone number for your rep here.

Suggested script: Hi, I'm a constituent and I'm calling to ask the Representative to vote YES on the floor and sign on as a co-sponsor of HB 5285, the Too Young to Test bill. The last thing our public schools need right now in the early grades is more standardized testing. Our youngest learners need curriculum that emphasizes exploration, inquiry and play, not narrowly focused test prep!

Let us know what you are hearing when you call: [email protected]

Here's the list of House sponsors so far:

Rep. Lindsey LaPointe - Sue Scherer - Curtis J. Tarver, II - Mary E. Flowers - Lamont J. Robinson, Jr., Daniel Didech, Will Guzzardi, Anne Stava-Murray, Maura Hirschauer, Ann M. Williams, Edgar Gonzalez, Jr., Theresa Mah, Joyce Mason, Marcus C. Evans, Jr., Kambium Buckner, Robyn Gabel, Michael Kelly, Kathleen Willis, Jaime M. Andrade, Jr. and Eva Dina Delgado

(Most up-to-date list is here...)

Need more background on this bill? Fact sheet here.

Your calls make a difference and have kept this bill moving. Thanks for continuing to push for this important piece of legislation!

--Team IL-FPS

PS Have an extra minute? Call your Senator and say thanks for their yes vote on SB 3986!