Opting out of the SAT this spring

Important information for families of 11th graders whose schools are administrating state tests this spring*: If your current junior is learning remotely and does not want to return to the school building in person only for the purpose of taking the SAT next week on April 13th (or on the make-up days later this spring), they can refuse the test by staying home. The school should mark them as absent and permit them to take the SAT next spring, 2022, to fulfill the SAT diploma requirement.
If a student opts out of this spring administration of the SAT, it does means that they will not have a score from a free administration of the SAT at school available to use for most admissions or scholarship purposes. And so, if they need a score for admissions or scholarships, they'll need to register and take the test on their own in the summer or fall. Refusing the test this spring simply means they will not be at risk for having their diploma withheld next year.
See questions 6 and 2 on page 3 in this FAQ document from the IL State Board of Education (ISBE).
Note: Students can also refuse the ISA science test for juniors and ACCESS testing in 9-12 without any consequences. PSAT testing for 9th and 10th graders has been cancelled this year; and the SAT requirement has been waived for current seniors graduating in 2020.
For more info on state tests, opt out and refusal, see our backgrounder page.
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*Schools may administer state tests in spring or in fall; this is a decision that the IL State Board of Ed is leaving up to districts.