Action Alert: Tell legislators the Invest in Kids voucher program must end!

As we've been sharing, the General Assembly has one more short “lame duck” session this week before new legislators are seated on Jan 11th. We’re concerned that legislation extending or even expanding the Invest in Kids voucher program could get traction. Keep reading for what you can do to make sure that doesn’t happen!

lame_duck_alert-2.pngLame duck sessions are historically a time for unpopular votes to quietly be taken. Could the sunset clause in the Invest in Kids Act be removed this week? We’re hoping not, but a supplemental budget bill is likely to move, and extensions of the Invest in Kids voucher program were previously tucked into omnibus bills.

Your state legislators need to hear from you today (and all week!) that public funds are for public schools, and the Invest in Kids voucher program must sunset as intended.

Here’s three actions you can take this week:

Call your state rep and state senator. Their phone numbers are here. If you don’t get an answer at the Springfield number, try the district office; leaving a voicemail is fine. Here’s a script:

"Hi, I’m a constituent of {Senator/Rep ______}, and I'm calling about the Invest in Kids voucher program. This program is funding discrimination on the basis of disability status, LGBTQ+ status and religion. It needs to sunset permanently. Can I count on my Senator/Rep to oppose any extension or expansion of this program?

Public funds should be for public schools that serve all kids, and Illinois’ public schools aren’t even close to fully funded. There isn't a specific bill number right now, but I'd like my {Senator/Rep} to oppose any legislation that would continue this program past the sunset in the law now.”

Send an email. Use this link to send a pre-written message (or write your own) to both of your state legislators. If you only have one minute to help this week, do this!


Spread the word about Invest in Kids: Voucher programs of any kind harm public ed and public schools. Share the resources we have on our website or on social media with your own network. Here’s a couple new posts:

Thanks for taking the time to advocate for public schools that work for everyone!

Questions, comments, or what are you hearing from your legislators: [email protected]

--Team IL-FPS