Support privacy bills to protect kids' data

There are several bills under consideration in the IL General Assembly right now that would protect children's data in and out of school, including the much needed student data protection bill RYH Action has been working on, HB3606/SB2089. 

Two of these passed out of committee on March 21st but will be under further negotiation before they can get a floor vote. HB256 passed in committee on Wed. March 27th, and HB2785 will have a hearing on the 28th, and you can put witness slips in as a PROPONENT of both the original bill and HCA1. (Here's our instructions on filling out a witness slip.)

Please call and email your state rep to sponsor the House bills (HB3606,HB256,HB2785); and ask your senator to sponsor the Senate bills (SB2089 and SB1719). Find their contact info here. It is super important for state legislators to hear from their constituents that protecting personal data matters.

Want to know more about this issue? RYH Action has an event March 30th at Sulzer Library to talk about why we need legislation to protect children's privacy.

HB3606/SB2089: Student data protection 

[Fact SheetThis is comprehensive legislation protecting public school students' data. Parents should retain complete control over their child's data. Companies shouldn't profit from student data. Sharing data beyond the school building should never be required to receive a public education. The loopholes in the current law allowing companies to commercialize schoolchildren's must be closed. Fact sheet and more background here. Parents have a right to know and a right to control how their child’s personal data is being used by schools, companies and government agencies. Read more about why we need student data protection legislation here.

HB256: No videotaping for IL student teachers


[Fact SheetSince 2015, the IL State Board of Ed has required student teachers to videotape themselves and their students and submit that video to Pearson in order to get a teaching license. This bill would prohibit any requirement of videotaping of student teachers or their students for licensure. You can read more about the problems with the edTPA including the video component here
HB2785: Geolocation Privacy

Fill out a witness slip for Original and HCA 1 as a PROPONENT

[Fact sheet] This bill requires companies to get users' permission before collecting location data through devices like phones and tablets. Each time a person uses a location-based application, including many intended and used by children, private companies obtain detailed records of who that person is, where they go and for how long. Read more about the problem in this NY Times article, "Your apps know where you were last night and they aren't keep it a secret." Dec 2018.
SB1719: Keep Internet Devices Safe
[Fact sheet] This bill provides transparency about internet-connected devices with microphones by requiring companies to divulge when devices are listening and what they are listening for in their terms of service. This has been a particular problem with devices marketed to children. Read more about the privacy issues with listening devices embedded in toys from the Coalition for a Commercial Free Childhood.


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