We're in Springfield Today! Can you make some calls?

RYH Action is in Springfield again today and we need your help calling Senators!


Two bills we are working on passed in the House and we now need everyone to call their IL State Senators at their Springfield office and ask him or her to to support these bills. Can we count on you TODAY?


HB5481 - Class Size Goals, Current Sponsors:  Senators Aquino and Collins. Read more here. Mobile-friendly version here.

HB5721 - Better Facilities Planning for CPS, Current Sponsors: Senators Hunter, Lightford, Van-Pelt Watkins. Read our HB5721 fact sheet here. Mobile-friendly version here.


And no vouchers without full funding for public schools! The below bill has a lot of opposition from ed privatizers and groups that helped sneak in the tax credit scholarship/voucher program. They are working hard to kill this bill so lots of calls are needed in support.

SB2236- No Tax-Credit Scholarships Unless Public Schools Get Full Funding, Senator Bertino-Tarrant. Read more here. Mobile-friendly version here.


Sample script:

“Hi, my name is _____and I’m a constituent of Senator ____.

I’m calling to ask that Senator _____ support these three bills to support sound public education policy: HB5481, HB5721, and SB2236. Thank you.”


Find your IL State Senator here.

Thank you for your advocacy and your support of our efforts!


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