Road trip to Springfield...with the elected school board bill!


On Tuesday, we traveled to Springfield with our friends from Parents 4 Teachers and the elected school board bill to see why she hasn’t been sent to the Governor’s desk yet!

Even though she passed both the House and Senate last year, the elected school board bill has not yet gone through what’s called concurrence, in order to be sent to the Governor. With session ending today, and usually only a handful of days in the fall where legislators are in session before January 1st, the elected school board bill is likely to die without becoming a law.

Parents dropped off this letter to Senate President Cullerton, and then he agreed to meet with them for five minutes (the elected school board bill had to stay outside!) to discuss the bill’s fate. No promises were given, but Senate President Cullerton did not argue for an appointed board in any way.

The elected school board bill greeted legislators outside the Capitol to discuss her prospects and pose with her supporters.



The elected school board bill plans to make appearances at places blocking democracy around Chicago this summer. If you would like to meet her before she dies, please fill out this form!

Can't get enough of this feisty bill's can-do spirit? Here’s a video we made inspired by the Schoolhouse Rock! classic "I’m Just a Bill". And check out The Beachwood Reporter's take on our efforts, complete with excellent lyrics!

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