No ILGA budget vote yet but positive signs on no extension for Invest in Kids vouchers

Quick update on what's happening in Springfield...

The Governor, Senate President and Speaker of the House announced a budget agreement yesterday that did not include an extension of the Invest in Kids voucher program.

When asked about whether the budget contained anything on Invest in Kids, Pritzker said: "This is not something that’s been covered by the budget agreement. It’s something that still has time, potentially, but it’s not something that’s in the budget agreement." 

That’s a very positive sign that leadership isn’t pushing for Invest in Kids! But the speedy vote on the budget that they promised didn’t happen last night in the Senate. Negotiations in the House Democratic caucus continue, and session stretches on

Here's more info about what is in the budget for K-12 from Chalkbeat.

We’re cautiously optimistic that an extension won't find its way into any of the budget bills. But, until votes happen on all those bills in both chambers, add to your schedule daily calls to both your state legislators asking if you can count on them to oppose any extension of the Invest in Kids voucher program!

You'll find their numbers here.

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Please also continue sharing this letters-to-legislators link: "Tell your legislator it's 'game over' for Illinois' voucher program!

Thanks for sticking with this up to the finish line!