Public dollars for public schools: make a call

This Wednesday was to be a big day in Springfield as the House was expected to vote to override Governor Rauner's veto of SB1. But now Wednesday's session has been cancelled because "progress" has been made in talks between the legislative leaders. A compromise bill could include establishment of a voucher program in Illinois. What can you do?

Call your state representative and say: I'm your constituent, and I want to see an override of SB1, and, if the override fails, don’t let school vouchers into a compromise bill.  

If your rep was one of 34 who sent a letter to Governor Rauner this spring telling him to oppose voucher programs in Illinois, remind them of their stance against any kind of voucher program.

If you have friends and family outside of Chicago, share this post with them, and ask them to make a call too. (They can find their reps here.)

The state is already 14 days late in making their payments to school districts, and SB1 passed with bipartisan support in both chambers. It’s a bill that’s supposed to be about school funding equity, and there’s no place in this bill for vouchers by any name, which drain public schools of money.

Make sure your state rep is hearing from their constituents that we need public funds for public schools!


[Image used via Creative Commons]