Flurry of good bills pass as Springfield heads to spring break

Progress in Springfield - Pat yourself on the back! Thanks to all your phone calls, witness slips and support, the following bills passed this week and will now move to the other chamber!

IMG_0285.pngHB3606 (Martwick) Student data protection. This took many negotiating meetings and visits to Springfield! It now moves to the Senate. Please call your state senator and ask them to sponsor and support this bill! (We'll have a webinar on this bill after break; look for an email with sign-up instructions.)

HB254 (Guzzardi) Class-size goals. Sets class size goals for the state and requires districts to share actual class sizes in the current year versus averages from past school year. Passed in the House. Moves to Senate next.

HB2100 (Welch) Charter commission. Abolishes the state commission which grants appeals to charters rejected by local school boards. Versions passed in both the House and Senate. But it's likely that this negotiated House version will be the one to progress, and so it will need Senate votes as well. We’ve worked on this for a number of years and many of you have made calls, visits to reps, etc. Make sure your state senator hears from you about this bill.

HB256 (Guzzardi) No videotaping required for teacher licensure. Student teachers will not be required to be videotaped for licensure. Passed in House. Moves to Senate.

SB453 (Aquino) Promoting Inclusive Local School Councils. Passed in the Senate and moves to the House.

HB3586 (Crespo) Transparency on special education policies and services, including creation of an ISBE hotline for reporting issues with special education service provision.

HB3302 (Crespo) Extends statute of limitations for complaints that come out of the special ed inquiry. Passed in the House. Moves to Senate.

HB1475 (Bryant) Seizure Smart School Act. Many students at CPS (and other districts) have no one in the school trained on their child’s emergency medication for seizures. This bill allows willing staff to be trained. 

House bills moving to the Senate need Senate sponsors, and vice versa. You can find the full list of bills we've been supporting (including links to their current status and updated sponsor list) on our Legislative Agenda page. Find your legislators' contact info here.

15035644_360465134304237_8577200945975263232_n.jpgRYH Action Lobby Day: May 8th! 

Since there’s so many bills still moving, join us for a busy Lobby Day on May 8th in Springfield! We know it’s a big time and travel commitment, but it’s a great experience to interact with your legislators in Springfield.  We will leave around 7am and be back by 7 or 8pm. Sign up here!

Putting the fun in fundraiser

Lastly, please join us at our fundraiser on Friday, May 3rd! We run on a skeleton budget and need your support to keep our work going. Lobby our elected officials...for drinks! Buy a ticket or become a sponsor here. little_elected_to_serve_invite.png