Elected School Board Bill marches in Hyde Park Independence Day Parade!


On July 4th, RYH Action had a great time marching with our elected school board bill mascot in the Hyde Park 4th on 53rd Parade and found great support among residents. Lots of people asked to take photos and expressed their approval for more democracy in education in our public schools.

RYH Action and the bill also spoke to many politicians at the parade, including Gubernatorial candidate JB Pritzker.  We thought it was a good day to remind many electeds that while the public overwhelmingly supports an elected representative school board (ERSB), state government has failed to follow through and send the bill to the Governor’s desk.


The bill also did an interview with ABC 7 Chicago and had this to say:

While the mayor was missing from a parade full of flag-waving voters, some celebrated their freedom with a message for Emanuel. Cassie Creswell with the parent group Raise Your Hand Action dressed up as an elected school board bill.

"Today is about democracy and it's about the birth of American democracy and we still don't have basic democracy here in Chicago, we don't elect our school board," said Cassie Creswell with Raise Your Hand Action.


We put together a quick video of the parade here.

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