Action Alert: School funding compromise to include vouchers

Raise Your Hand Action is deeply disturbed to learn that school vouchers will likely be part of a bill that’s supposed to address decades old funding inequities in IL schools. We ask that legislators who actually value public education and believe in the separation of church and state vote against any compromise bill that includes school vouchers. School vouchers have no place in a bill that’s supposed to correct funding inequity, as they will further drain dollars from the public good to private interests.

A review of 25 years worth of research showed vouchers aren’t effective at improving achievement and came at significant cost to public education. Wealthy donors should not have a choice to pay their taxes OR pay for a child to go to private or religious school, as this sets a terrible precedent.

It’s unfortunate that our legislative leaders have added this feature to a bill that was very promising. SB1 was passed with bipartisan support, and this is a terrible issue to compromise on as it will hurt public school funding for years to come.

Call your legislators or visit their offices today and tell them NO vouchers in a compromise bill.

34 legislators signed on to a letter to Governor Rauner in May saying they opposed school vouchers. If yours is on the list, bring a copy of this letter to their office before they vote on this bill Monday.

You can find the RYH fact sheet on Tax Credit Scholarships here.

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