Action alert: House vote coming up on #TooYoungToTest SB 3986

We're still awaiting a House floor vote on SB 3986, the Senate version of Too Young To Test. So there's still time to call your state rep to ask them to sign on as a sponsor and vote YES!

Find their number here, and here's what to say when you call:

Hi, I'm a constituent and I'm calling to ask the Representative to vote YES on the floor and sign on as a co-sponsor of SB 3986, the Too Young to Test bill.

The last thing our public schools need right now in the early grades is more standardized testing. Our youngest learners need curriculum that emphasizes exploration, inquiry and play, not narrowly focused test prep!


(Here's the most updated list of House sponsors so far: Rep. Lindsey LaPointe, Sue Scherer, Curtis J. Tarver, II, Lamont J. Robinson, Jr., Kambium Buckner, Michael Kelly, Sonya M. Harper, Theresa Mah, Barbara Hernandez and Anne Stava-Murray. If your rep isn't listed, they need to hear from you still!)

Let's get this bill to the finish line with strong support! Thanks for your advocacy!